Managing Your Flock for Peak Health


'Managing Your Flock for Peak Health' includes interviews and practical, hands-on demonstrations by some of the country's most eminent sheep vets and experts on subjects ranging from feeding and nutrition to the use of veterinary medicines. This DVD is designed to help the flock owner make positive decisions about the health and welfare of sheep on a whole flock basis through Flock Health Planning, starting with an effective quarantine policy and continuing with best practice in all aspects of management.

Presented by Adam Henson.

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'Managing Your Flock for Peak Health' includes the following easy to access modules:

1. Grassland, grazing and enclosure
2. Feeding & nutrition
3. Housing & equipment
4. Flock health planning & monitoring your flock
5. Effective parasite control - internal
6. Effective parasite control - external
7. Shearing
8. Lameness & footcare
9. Vaccination - preventing disease
10. Notifiable diseases & zoonoses
11. Sheep diseases & nursing your sheep
12. Medication, rules & record-keeping
13. The organic flock 

Product Details

Format: Widescreen, 16:9, PAL
Language: English
Region: 2 PAL
Classification: Exempt
Running Time: 2 Hrs 34 Mins
Release date: 2011

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