Sheep for Business, Enterprise & Profit


'Sheep for Business, Enterprise & Profit' is aimed at anyone who has considered embarking on a sheep enterprise, and offers a combination of inspirational ideas and practical guidance.

The programme showcases people who have combined their imagination and business acumen to create rewarding businesses based on their sheep flocks. The DVD features smallholders and farmers who have been successful by adding value to their produce, finding niche markets, and devising innovative ways of selling in their marketplace.

Presented by Adam Henson.

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'Sheep for Business, Enterprise & Profit' includes the following easy to access modules:

1. Raising Sheep for Meat
2. Raising Sheep for Wool
3. Sheepskins & Lambskins
4. The Dairy Flock
5. Pedigree Breeding & Showing
6. Marketing Your Products
7. Community Supported Agriculture

Product Details

Format: Widescreen, 16:9, PAL
Language: English
Region: 2 PAL
Classification: Exempt
Running Time: 2 Hrs 37 Mins
Release date: 2011

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