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Poultry: Ecto-Parasites (External)

Your choice of house is important to protect your hens from infestations of pests and parasites. Try to choose one that doesn’t provide lots of nooks and crannies where they can hide (eg. under felt roofs, between tongue and groove boarding, and any awkward joints that you can’t brush out). There are many new types of housing that are designed to minimise these problems, including those made from re-cycled plastic, or with smooth contours.


Directory of Contractors

We have put together a directory of contractors who will carry out work for small landowners. Services include haymaking, hedge laying, dry stone walling, fencing, foot trimming, livestock assistance and more. The listings are sorted into the following regions: Scotland, North England, The Midlands, Wales, London & South East, South West.


Lambing 3 - When the Shepherd Needs to Intervene, and When to Call the Vet

Lambing can be a very rewarding experience when everything goes to plan, and more often than not this is the case. However, occasionally the ewe will need assistance; she may have difficulty giving birth to a large lamb, or one that’s not in the right position to be born, and this is when she needs your help. Inevitably, there will be times when you need to call expert veterinary help, and the greater your knowledge and experience of lambing the more quickly you will recognise a serious problem.



Breed Associations

For information on breed associations, please click on 'Useful Websites' in 'Smallholder Resources' - here you will find direct links to breed association websites.

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