Greg and Angela Brooke, Dubbo, Australia

Hi from Dubbo, Australia!

My wife and I bought a small block of 6.5 acres about 7 years ago and owner built our house. I am an agronomist and she an Agriculture and science teacher.

Greg-Brooke---Durraween-Lane2We bought our block as part of a subdivision estate just 10 mins from our nearest major country town of Dubbo. It was just a bare block of grass without one tree - having formerly been a sheep and wheat farm.

We fenced it, planted trees and an orchard of citrus, stone and pome fruit which supplies most of our fruit. It is watered mainly by a subsurface drip system which is connected to a "biolytix" waste water system. It is a great idea- just a simple tank filled with net bags of small pieces of poly pipe. Worms are kept in the tank and they break down all the waste and once every few days we switch on a pump for about 15 minutes and it flushes the water out via the underground watering system.

Greg-Brooke---Dorper-sheepWe have run a small flock of dorper sheep which were from stud stock - very low maintenance meat sheep which shed their own wool so really only need a tidy up shearing every 2 to 3 years. No fly strike or fleece rot etc. We usually get around 160% lambing. Feeding lupins prior to and during joining seems to help with twinning which is a bonus for a very small flock breeder like us. I've given some progeny to friends and neighbours who also just enjoy owning a few sheep. I have also sold some here and there.





Our son keeps all sorts of birds and chickens.

We've kept horses and will probably get some bees at some time. We've kept a couple of pigs before also. It's a lot of fun and a great lifestyle block. Most of our neighbours are friendly and have rural roots as well - so there's often roosters crowing in the morning and the sounds of sheep and cattle and horses. Its a wonderful place.