Balancing the Needs of Farming and Wildlife - June 2015

hay makingBalancing the needs of farming and food production against the needs of the environment is a key challenge of our age.

It is the buzzphrase of the moment for the agricultural and conservation movements. “Sustainable intensification” – coined to sum up the growing need to both increase food output and look after the environment – has been bandied about as the solution to meet apparently conflicting aims for several years.

Yet it left many people scratching their heads about how it could be possible to bring about significant growth in output while simultaneously maintaining or even improving the natural environment.

Now a new report, that highlights the changes in the way we manage the land, attempts to answer some of those questions. It highlights a way to produce our food which is better for wildlife, crop production, soil and water – as well as people. What is described as a ground-breaking study reviews The Role of Agroecology in Sustainable Intensification.

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