Maximise the Value of Your Wool - July 2015

finished-sheepskinWestcountry wool producers can maximise the value of their wool by presenting fleeces correctly, say the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB).

Mike Berry, manager of the South Molton depot, said that as the value of wool improves and strong demand for British wool is growing, it’s more important than ever for producers to present their fleeces correctly.

“We’re trying to encourage the producers to roll and present the fleeces better so that when we grade the wool it’s easier but also more importantly it’s being graded as a fleece, rather than trying to pull bits out of it and potentially valuing it as broken wool,” he said.

“Because we have to pull the fleece apart it’s actually downgrading it so reducing the value of the wool.

“A fleece that has been contaminated with hay, straw, supplementary feeding or chopped silage can lose the producer more than half of the fleece’s value,” explained Mike. “It is difficult because we understand that the producer may have the house the sheep for whatever reason, so what we try and do is suggest that rather than using an over-head feeder, which sprays all the feed in over the sheep, to use a different method in order to avoid contamination.”

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