Flock of Ages
flock of ages

Flock of Ages knitted gifts are carefully handmade from original patterns, making them both appealing and unique. They include fine, durable Shropshire wool and may include hand-dyed yarns using colours obtained from plants and natural substances.

Owing to the individual nature of these items, there may be some variation in size and the finishing touches – such as ribbons, scarves and facial expressions. Please note that the unique nature of each item has made it impossible for us to obtain CE Toy Standard accreditation for most of our giftware. Shropshire lambs and some of the striped mice are, however, CE marked as toys. All woollen gifts are made using pure, natural yarns and are stuffed with CE accredited toy stuffing.



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Approx 15cm to 19cm tall, knitted in pure Shropshire wool (white), hand-dyed Shropshire wool (brown) and Shropshire X Shetland wool (grey). Mice can be either striped or with jumpers knitted in green mix, red mix or blue mix variegated wool. Please let us know if you have a particular preference.

From £16.95 inc. UK delivery

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White (with jumper) - £17.05 each

Grey or Brown (striped or with jumper) - £18.50
White (striped with blue, green or red) - £18.50

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Our cheeky penguins have grey or white fronts with otherwise black knitted "plumage". They wear multicoloured scarves.

Each penguin is approx 17 cm tall.

£3.45 inc. UK delivery

Penguin Front Colour:  
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Shropshire Lambs

Cream wool body with soft black head, ears and legs.

Approx 18cm to middle of back when standing, 22cm to top of head when sitting, each wearing a coloured ribbon.

CE Marked as a children's toy with a choice of pink, green or blue gingham ribbon.

£24.75 inc. UK delivery

Ribbon colour:  
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Animal Tea Cosies

Shropshire wool or a Shropshire wool blend rabbit, lamb, mouse, chicken or bear tea cosies.

Knitted in pure Shropshire wool or a Shropshire wool blend, our tea cosies fit a standard tea pot.
(Approximately 15 to 20cm diameter).

From £25.75 inc. UK delivery

tea cosymouse tea cosybear tea cosy rabbit tea cosy chicken tea cosy
lamb, mouse, bear, rabbit, chicken
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Rabbit in brown or grey - £27.25:  
Lamb, brown or grey mouse, brown or grey bear, chicken - £25.75:  
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Approx 22cm to tip of ears, knitted in Shropshire or Shropshire X Shetland wool, complete with jackets and scarves knitted in complementary multi-coloured yarn.

Available: Pure white, pure grey or grey with white tummies and inside ears.

From £21.50 inc. UK delivery


Grey and Grey/White Rabbits: £20.60 
Pure White Rabbits: £19.60:
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Grey, reddish brown, tan or orange with white or beige fronts and complementary ribbons.

£19.10 inc. UK delivery


Squirrel Colour:   Squirrel Tummy Colour:  
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